Success factors for business digitalisation / Bertelsmann Stiftung (ed.), Dr. Ole Wintermann, Birgit Wintermann, Anke Hoffmann ; authors: Dr. Josephine Hofmann, Claudia Ricci, Richard Schwarz, Valerie Wienken (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO) ; with the kind support of the Otto Group, Robert Hägelen
VerfasserHofmann, Josephine ; Ricci, Claudia ; Schwarz, Richard ; Wienken, Valerie
HerausgeberWintermann, Ole ; Wintermann, Birgit ; Hoffmann, Anke
KörperschaftBertelsmann Stiftung
ErschienenGütersloh : Bertelsmann Stiftung, April 2021
Elektronische Ressource
Umfang1 Online-Ressource (94 Seiten) : Illustrationen
SchlagwörterDeutschland / Industrie 4.0 / Unternehmen / Klein- und Mittelbetrieb / Arbeit / Digitalisierung / Globalisierung / Deutschland / Klein- und Mittelbetrieb / Arbeit / Digitalisierung / COVID-19
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The present study systematically collects experiences made by a variety of companies (number of cases: n = 15 companies) and sectors in the shaping of digital transformation. The results are intended to provide answers as to how the process of digital transformation can be successfully shaped in the company, which kind of motivation typically triggers it, and which factors can be extrapolated for a successful outcome, factors that are independent of the respective business model and transferable to other companies. Using a blend of qualitative, in-depth interviews and quantitative data collection in the form of an online survey (the Digital Pathguide of the Bertelsmann Stiftung), the first theory testing tendencies are identified. To this end, a vade mecum has been compiled with which managers and decision-makers in the companies can analyse their own activities and, on the basis of concrete examples, gather specific proposals and ideas for the way ahead.

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