Transnational Skills and Mobility Partnerships (TSMP) : contextual factors, conceptual design and application / Prof. Dr. Michael Sauer and Jurica Volarević
VerfasserSauer, Michael ; Volarević, Jurica
ErschienenGütersloh : Bertelsmann Stiftung, [November 2020] ; © November 2020
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SchlagwörterKosovo / Ausländischer Arbeitnehmer / Mobilität / Arbeitsmarkt
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The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration defines Global Skill Partnerships (GSP) as an innovative means of strengthen skills development among origin countries and countries of destination in mutually beneficial manner. However, GSPs are very limited in number and scope, and empirical analyses of them are, to date, relatively rare. This study helps fill this gap in data by presenting and examining existing GSPs or GSP-like approaches (e.g., transnational training partnerships). The aim of the study is to take stock of the various conceptual discourses on and practical experience with transnational skill partnerships. Using Kosovo as a case study, the study details the structure of such partnerships and the processes they entail. It documents the experience of those involved and catalogues the factors contributing to success. On this basis, the authors propose a means of categorizing the various practices that will help structure the empirical diversity of such approaches and render them conceptually feasible: Transnational Skills and Mobility Partnerships (TSMP).

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